Autism Assessment
& Screening

Life in Colour Psychology also offers Autism assessments and screening for adults.  Being diagnosed as autistic in adulthood can provide insight into one’s adaptive functioning and mental health.  An assessment can also offer support in educational and workplace settings.

Autism Assessment

Autism is a brain-based difference in how a person experiences their world.  At Life in Colour Psychology, we offer Autism assessments and screening for children ages two years and up.  Early identification of autism can support an understanding of a child’s learning needs and how to best modify a child’s environment. 

Are you wondering about whether you, your child, or your family member may be autistic?  Autistic people experience brain-based differences in the way that they communicate, interact, and regulate.  Some characteristics of autism include difficulties building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging in back-and-forth conversation, and understanding emotions.  Autistic people may find eye contact uncomfortable, prefer routine, experience passions for particular topics/activities, and experience sensory processing differences.  

In an autism assessment, we explore a person’s experiences with social/emotional reciprocity, nonverbal communication skills, and developing/maintaining relationships, as well as how a person copes with changes, regulates, and processes information in the environment.  Life in Colour Psychology offers autism assessments for all ages from age two and up.  Each assessment consists of specific diagnostic assessment tools that aide the psychologist in gaining a deeper understanding of the individual and in determining whether an individual meets diagnostic criterion for Autism. 

If you wish to find out more information on autism assessments for yourself, child, or family member, please contact Life in Colour Psychology or complete the brief intake form on this website and the psychologist will get in touch with you to discuss more.

Autism Screening Appointments (All Ages)

Do you have questions about whether your child is autistic?  Maybe you have heard from someone that your child might be showing signs of autism, but you are not sure about whether an Autism assessment is necessary or the right step to take?  An autism screening visit may be a good option for you.  At this visit the psychologist will meet with you and your child, go through an interview to gather more information, and set up some play time with your child.  The psychologist can then share some feedback and discuss with you about whether pursuing an autism assessment is a good fit or whether there are other resources or supports that may be applicable.  Should an autism assessment be deemed warranted, public and private options will be discussed, and information will be provided regarding next steps.  If a parent decides to pursue a private assessment through Life in Colour Psychology, the fee for this screening visit, along with the information gathered, will go towards the full assessment.  However, all options will be discussed at the time. 

Autism screening visits can also be completed for adults who are considering having an autism assessment but are not sure if they should pursue a full assessment.  In adult screening visits, the psychologist will meet with you for a one-on-one interview and then discuss feedback as it pertains to whether it would be beneficial to pursue an autism assessment or not, and to provide information about next steps and resources when applicable.

Child Autism Assessment (2-17 years)

A child autism assessment typically spans over about 2-3 weeks from initial appointment to receiving a final assessment report.  When a referral is received, the psychologist will set up an intake session to gather more information and to complete a parent interview that explores current and past development and functioning. 

Next, an in-person assessment is set up for the psychologist to meet with your child one-on-one and to administer the standardized assessments.  An intellectual assessment is often administered to gain information into how your child is learning and to determine their current level of intellectual functioning. 

The ADOS-2 assessment is used to observe social communication and behaviour that may be consistent with autism.  Each assessment is set up on an individualized basis and therefore might be slightly different for everyone; however, the psychologist will review what the assessment will entail during the intake session.  With children younger than 5 years, a parent or guardian is required to be present in the room for the assessment. 

Older children will work one-on-one if they are comfortable to do so.  Following the in-person assessment, a debrief session will be scheduled which is usually about 1-2 weeks afterwards.  The debrief session is a time when the psychologist will go through the results from the assessment, diagnostic outcomes, and discuss next steps/recommendations. A written report will also be provided shortly after the debrief session which will include all pertinent assessment information, diagnostic conclusions, and recommendations. 

If you find yourself considering an autism assessment for your child, please complete the intake form on this website to find out more information and the psychologist will be in touch with you to review.

Adult Autism Assessment (18+)

An adult autism assessment typically spans between 2-3 weeks from initial session to receiving results.  After referral has been received, the psychologist will set up a time to speak with you to go through a diagnostic interview.  This is typically completed over the phone or virtually.  Following this session, an in-person appointment will be set up to complete any standardized assessment measures that are deemed to be important in the assessment process. 

This is set up on a case-by-case basis and it can be discussed with the psychologist at the time of the interview.  Following the in-person session, a debrief session will be set up for the psychologist to go through the results from the assessment and to discuss recommendations to best support you moving forward.  This debrief session is usually 1-2 weeks following the in-person appointment. 

You will receive an assessment report with a summary of the findings and diagnostic conclusions shortly after the debrief session is completed.  Please complete the intake form on this website if you are interested in learning more about whether an autism assessment may be a good fit for you.

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